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Home to the largest health care community in the state, Plaza del Rio, the City of Peoria is committed to health, wellness, and community development. The City has big plans for the development of its health care cluster.

Peoria is home to the single largest health care community in Arizona, Plaza del Rio. Covering 185 acres in Peoria, Arizona, the campus is unique in attracting and combining medical facilities with seven different types of senior living products – running the gamut from independent rental and life-care units to various specialized health care facilities. This campus system allows seniors who are committed to health goals or facing medical challenges to live their lives in a setting that complements their needs and desires. At the same time physicians and other medical groups have easy access to both an extensive variety of medical services and a built-in market of patients.

Five full service hospitals are within 15 minutes of any part of the city, and a sixth is currently under construction. The city is also negotiating a new hospital development in northern Peoria.

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