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Incentives and Financing

Various types of tools can be used to encourage development in the City of Peoria, including the following:

Foreign Trade Zone (federal program)

Merchandise can be brought duty-free into a designated Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) for purposes of storing, repacking, display, assembly or manufacturing. Imports may be landed and stored without full customs formalities.  Arizona is the only state that provides an 80 percent reduction in real and personal property taxes for companies qualifying for Foreign Trade Zone or sub-zone designation.

City Direct Investment

Provides direct city advance payment or reimbursement to private industry for a variety of capital or operating expenditures such as business relocation costs, worker relocation costs, tenant improvements, impact fee and permit fee waivers, etc. to attract both capital investment and high quality jobs in targeted industries and industries characterized by high wages and high knowledge-based occupations. For more information and to apply for city investment, please click here to learn about our Economic Development Incentive and Investment Policy

Peoria Industrial Development Authority Bonds

Development Authority issued bonds are conduit financing for an eligible project to assist a private developer or business in facility creation or expansion. Liability of the bonds is solely that of the developer or business. Conduit feature is used to obtain access to capital and competitive interest rates. City charges 1% fee for services provided and pays its costs from that fee. Other fees may apply. Issues for nonprofit entities may be charged a discounted fee and receive a discounted interest rate under the federal tax law, pursuant to IDA policy guidelines.

Lease Revenue Bonds

Bonds issued by the City, the proceeds from which are used to construct facilities for private business enterprise. Lease payments made by the business enterprise to city government are used to service the bonds.

Government Purchase Lease Excise Tax (GPLET)

The GPLET is a local excise tax that is levied on a square footage, as opposed to value, basis against improved real property leased by private parties from a municipality or county.  The result is a reduction in property tax base for the subject property. 

Maricopa County Economic Development Fund

Maricopa County passed a resolution to fund economic development activities that assist in the creation or retention of jobs or otherwise improve or enhance the economic welfare of the residents of Maricopa County. The program has two goals: to increase the per capita income and to increase the share of employment in base industries in Maricopa County. Funding for such projects will be appropriated from the County General Fund’s interest earnings.

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