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  • Business attraction is the most publicized and visible economic development tool because it creates many jobs at one time. Also, the attraction of new businesses into an economy quickly increases the tax base and diversifies the local economy, while also focusing media attention on the community. Read more. 
  • Business retention programs have become a popular economic development tool for communities nationwide. Healthy communities are filled with strong, healthy businesses. Read more. 
  • Infill and redevelopment tools enable communities to stimulate new development and investment into existing urban and suburban areas that already have services. Read more. 
  • Workforce development for economic development purposes refers to training individuals for specific jobs associated with targeted industries as dictated by end-user needs as well as providing job placement assistance. Read more. 
  • Peoria’s Small Business Program is designed for businesses with fewer than 100 employees. These businesses vary in size and character, but distinguish themselves by being innovative, flexible, and strongly tied to the community. Read more.  
  • The Old Town Commercial Rehabilitation Program promotes and assists with the improvement of Old Town commercial properties through site and exterior building rehabilitation by providing 100 percent funding for the rehabilitation of eligible properties in return for a 20-year facade easement. Read more. 

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