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Peoria is a strong community in metro Phoenix and offers the following for corporate relocation clients:

  • Young, abundant, and talented workforce – average age is 36.6; over 1 million workers in a 30-minute labor shed; strong base in high knowledge occupations
  • Expedited plan review process – one-stop shop for economic development, plan review, and permitting
  • Strong infrastructure and transportation – well-planned and modern infrastructure built for future growth; city is bisected and surrounded by 6 freeways and highways
  • Targeted Investment Zones with existing space and available land for build-to-suit opportunities
  • Excelling schools – public schools are highly performing ; both graduation rates and test scores exceed the state average
  • Strong relationships with land owners who are motivated and ready for Public Private Partnerships
  • Economic Development Incentive and Investment Policy (see Incentives and Financing)
  • Great quality of life – ranked in the “Top 100 to Places to Live” in Money Magazine; housing product that is affordable and available at a variety of different price points
  • Pro-business and strategically-minded City Council – proven track record of aggressive business decisions
  • The city is only 30% developed at present – lots of opportunity for future development in the north along newly opened Loop 303

Throughout the city there are dozens of premiere vacant sites of various sizes along major arterials and a good inventory of available commercial space. Peoria is also moving aggressively on infill opportunities, adopting a revitalization plan and a Commercial Rehabilitation Program for its Old Town as well as an urban redesign plan for its Entertainment District (P83). Investment opportunities for these two areas, in addition to the pristine land that is available for new development in the northern part of the city, are the focus of the city’s strategic development agenda. Peoria is also aggressively pursuing university attraction, health care expansion, and destination retail.