For Site Selectors

We can help you expand your business in Peoria!

Peoria’s Economic Development Mission Statement

To build a diversified local economy that will create a strong and sustainable community in which residents are able to work, shop, and be entertained.

Peoria’s Economic Development Services Department can help your company in many ways:

  • We research sites to help you pick the best location
  • We provide information on demographics as well as investment zone or enterprise zone benefits that your site may be eligible for
  • We provide incentives for our targeted industries to locate as well as facilitate connections to state resources and incentives
  • We ensure the best customer service through the city permit and plan review process
  • We offer small business seminars to provide information on starting and growing a business

Economic Development Incentive and Investment Policy

On December 7, 2010, the Peoria City Council adopted the Economic Development Incentive and Investment Policy (EDIIP) to formalize the city’s intent to pursue targeted economic development. The purpose of the city’s EDIIP is to establish guidelines and procedures for the regulation and coordination of the city’s economic development financial investments, as well as to create a return on investment analysis template that will be applied to each eligible project.

Project Review Process

Peoria also boasts the most streamlined and customer-oriented permit and approval process. We are a one-stop shop, with Economic Development, Site Development, and Building Development housed in the same department. To provide the best service to our customers, we have enhanced our standard review process to include two programs to expedite eligible projects: the Fast Track Program and the Expedited Program.

For specific information regarding site plan engineering and building safety, please call us directly.

Site Development Customer Service: 623-773-7210

Building Development Customer Service: 623-773-7225

Fast Track Program

In accordance with the implementation of the City’s General Plan, Peoria offers a Fast Track Program to facilitate the development of specific projects at no extra charge. Projects that are put on the program are assigned a special team from the City that will serve to expedite the review process. Please contact our office to find out if your project is eligible, 623-773-7735.

Expedited Program

Development projects that do not meet the eligibility requirements for the Fast Track Program are able to apply for the City’s Expedited Program. This is a fee-based program that will assign a staff member to a project to shepherd it through the process, coordinating directly with the developer to compress review times. For more information, please contact the Permitting Counter at 623-773-7225.